Attorney volunteers improve lives


For those who cannot otherwise afford legal representation, a VLB volunteer lawyer can make a big difference by helping in challenging circumstances.
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Fantastic work by attorney volunteers


Heather Fann (5 Points Law) and Emily McClendon (5 Points Law) helped reunite a mother with her child that she had not seen or talked to for 75 days. The paternal grandparents had taken the child during a scheduled visit and then refused to return her. The mother missed her daughter’s first Christmas. Heather and Emily spent over 20 hours working with the mother to help her get her child back.

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Can you help these clients?


Attorney volunteers can now accept cases through the new vlbham.org site. To accept a case, please click the “Take a Case” button or click “I Can Help” below.

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Introducing the new VLB website!


We are pleased to announce that our new website is now live at vlbham.org ! Thank you to Nathan Owens (owensdev.com ) for creating the website and to Lindsay Hale (lindsayhalecreative.com) for designing the graphics.
The new  vlbham.org will make it easier for clients, volunteers, and donors to get information about VLB services.
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Join us at our Serving Veterans Help Desk


Scott Sloss, Army veteran and student volunteer, was able to help a fellow veteran that he had been in basic training with over 20 years ago. “Having the opportunity to talk about our past memories creates a special bond among our veteran community,” said Scott.

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Celebrating our three great AmeriCorps members


It’s “AmeriCorps Week” nationwide, so please take a minute to show your appreciation to our great AmeriCorps members:Jackson BarnettShaina Hamby, and Xavier Nelson.

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Please help these clients resolve their legal issues


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Project Homeless Connect 2019


178 clients experiencing homelessness received legal help at the Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham area at Project Homeless Connect on Saturday.
41 attorneys volunteered.
6 judges volunteered hearing more than 100 cases.
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Project Homeless Connect is tomorrow!


Project Homeless Connect is tomorrow at Boutwell Audtiorium. Volunteers report at 7:30 a.m. for the first shift and 10:30 a.m. for the second shift.
Training is today at 11:30 a.m.  at the Birmingham Bar Center in the CLE room on the second floor.
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Going above and beyond for veterans


Susan McAlister recently helped a former Marine and his wife draft their wills as well as their living wills. The clients had originally come to the Help Desk for help. However, the husband fell ill and could not travel.

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