Spread the word – VLB is hiring!


As we continue to grow, Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham is hiring motivated people who are passionate about improving access to justice for low-income individuals and families. Please share these job openings with your communities!

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VLB is hiring!


Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham is hiring three positions. Please share these job announcements with anyone that wants to make a difference in their community:

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Come one, come all—bring your summer clerks to volunteer with you!


If you value donating your time to clients in need through Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham, summer is a great time to share that experience with your summer clerks. They’ll learn about poverty law and giving back to the community by shadowing you at a Help Desk. In years past, summer clerks who have spent time at one or more of our Help Desks have found it to be a rewarding opportunity that can cultivate a lifetime spirit of volunteerism.

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How can you help clients experiencing homelessness?


When most people see a man or woman resort to sleeping under a bridge, the last thing they think is, “That person needs a lawyer.”
But for many people experiencing homelessness, help from an attorney to resolve tickets, warrants, or other legal issues can help them obtain a form of legal identification—an important step toward getting them into safe housing.
Consider volunteering at our special Homeless Help Desk held the first Tuesday of every month at One Roof. Click here to volunteer! 
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Serving our vets


Our “Serving Veterans” program is a great way for attorney volunteers to give back to those who have served our country. At the Veterans Help Desk, held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at the Birmingham VA Medical Center, attorneys help veterans resolve unjust evictions, enforce habitable housing, become financially secure, and resolve fines and fees preventing them from obtaining identification and securing employment.

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Donations to VLB help the entire community!


When you donate to Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham (VLB), the entire community benefits. A study commissioned by the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation in 2018 found that VLB’s Social Return on Investment (SROI) is $12.13. This means that for every $1 invested in VLB, the Birmingham community receives approximately $12.13 worth of immediate and long-term financial benefits.

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Why volunteer?


Our mission is to improve access to justice. An opportunity to volunteer speaks to the primary factor that led us all to choose the profession of law: serving the people of the community by helping them obtain justice. By volunteering with us, you are joining a large corps of volunteers coordinated by a staff driven to improve access to justice.

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Volunteer and get free CLE credits!


You can get up to three CLE credits by volunteering at a Help Desk or representing a client through our program. For every six hours you volunteer, you can get one CLE credit (maximum 3 CLE credits). Don’t wait until the end of the year – start volunteering today!

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Attorney volunteers improve lives


For those who cannot otherwise afford legal representation, a VLB volunteer lawyer can make a big difference by helping in challenging circumstances.
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Fantastic work by attorney volunteers


Heather Fann (5 Points Law) and Emily McClendon (5 Points Law) helped reunite a mother with her child that she had not seen or talked to for 75 days. The paternal grandparents had taken the child during a scheduled visit and then refused to return her. The mother missed her daughter’s first Christmas. Heather and Emily spent over 20 hours working with the mother to help her get her child back.

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